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The average life expectancy of a Russian orphan is only 30 years of age. While many have lost parents to death, over 90% of Russian orphans still have at least one living parent but have been orphaned because of alcohol abuse, financial distress, or other social factors. 

The mission of Change30 is to inspire purpose in Russian orphans by providing them with the love, guidance & critical resources they need to lead fulfilling lives & develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

To influence change, we first establish relationships based on a foundation of hope, love, and trust. We focus on nurturing & maintaining strong relationships with the children while they are living in the orphanages, so that once they graduate and are living on their own, they trust our Change30 staff & know that we are always available to help them.



When an orphan leaves (or graduates) from the orphanage around age 16, they are very unprepared for life in the “real world.” Our focus on graduate support is changing this cycle, however. We have a portfolio of resources that we provide to graduates on a range of needs such as securing safe housing, furthering their education, receiving job training and placement services, as well as learning basic life skills that are not acquired as part of orphanage life. Your donations enable Change30 to provide orphan graduates with the resources, guidance, and moral support they need to lead hope-filled, purposeful lives.

LifeSkills & YoungMoms PROGRAMS

Our LifeSkills program is dedicated time each week where graduates and soon-to-be graduates come to our DreamCenter to learn the necessary “life skills” that would normally be taught in a family environment. Topics include budgeting, cooking, strategic life planning, and much more!


Our YoungMoms program reaches out to girls who recently graduated from an orphanage and have found themselves pregnant (most of them still single) and with no life experience on how to raise a child. Our staff and volunteers meet with young moms frequently both individually and corporately to provide basic needs (diapers, formula, etc.) plus instruct the moms on necessary parental guidance.


Every year, teams of volunteers from U.S. churches travel to Kaliningrad to help meet physical & spiritual needs and spread the love of Jesus Christ with Russian orphans and orphanage staff through our Global Trips. Contact us about bringing a team to Russia to be part of an amazing, life changing experience.



We have an active participation throughout all orphanages in the Kaliningrad region with the goal of early intervention in orphan lives. This early intervention inspires purpose, hope & direction for their futures.  It is important that these children experience the love, attention & happiness that all children should grow up with. In addition, the Change30 staff offers tutoring, music & art classes, fitness & wellness activities, and age appropriate LifeSkills classes.

Our Global Trips

Our Global Trips

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